With a Power BI licence, you don’t just get access to an innovative business tool, you unlock powerful data visualisations and insights from their data. With a diverse set of features and capabilities, Power BI caters to a wide range of businesses and needs.

Power BI Free Licence

The Power BI Free licence is an entry-level option for indivisuals and small businesses looking to dip their toe in data visualisation. This licence allows users to create and share content with users outside your organisation.

Power BI Pro Licence

The Power BI Pro licence is designed for more advanced users and organisations requiring greater collaboration and data refresh capabilities. With this licence, users can collaborate on reports and dashboards with other Power BI Pro users, both within and outside their organisation. Additionally, the Pro licence allows for more frequent data refreshes and supports a wider range of data connectors. Each user with a Power BI Pro licence requires a separate licence.

Premium Licences

Power BI Premium is targeted at organisations that require a higher level of scalability, performance, and dedicated resources. It is suitable for large enterprises with a significant user base and complex reporting needs. With Power BI Premium, you get dedicated cloud compute and storage resources, enhanced data refresh rates, support for Power BI Report Server, and the ability to publish reports to the Power BI Service without the need for individual user licences.

Power BI Embedded Licences

Intended for developers who want to integrate Power BI reports and dashboards directly into their applications, website, or portals. This licensing model allows you to embed interactive reports for your users without requiring them to have their own Power BI licences. Power BI Embedded is priced based on the capacity (node) used to render the embedded content.

Report Server Licences

An on-premises solution that allows you to publish, access, and manage Power BI reports within your organisation’s network. It is ideal for organisations with strict data security or compliance requirements that need to keep their data on-premises. Power BI Report Server requires a separate licence and is not included in other Power BI licence subscriptions.

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