By partnering with an experienced Power BI specialist, you can unlock the data and discover trends within your business, even without prior BI experience.

Why should I hire a Power BI expert?

While Power BI is a widely accessible tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes, there are some deeper insights and benefits that only a tried and true BI expert can unlock.

When you purchase Power BI, you get access to three products that enable you to monitor your data and create reports in a variety of different ways. With our managed services, you can get the most out of these products and optimise them for better business processes.

Trusted expertise

Power BI consultants have spent years working with clients to get the most out of their business solutions, putting them in a unique position to make your business flourish. On top of this, they’ll also be able to bring their detailed learning with them.

Providing enhanced data security

Microsoft Power BI offers impressive features to keep your data impressive features to keep your data secure. Using RLS security, keyholders have total power over user permissions of the software by establishing filter roles. This means only members you grant access to will be able to view sensitive business documents.

Power BI consultants come with advanced knowledge of the key security features, which are essential for a speedy launch and secure adoption from your business workforce.

Advanced analytics and improved data insights

Power BI developers will be able to make full use of Power BI’s advanced analytical features, where your own team may not. Thanks to open-source programming languages like R and Python, a Power BI developer can present advanced business solutions such as smoothing, machine learning, deep learning, and predictive trends.

Boost your in-house teams strength and expertise

Many business owners would agree that it can be tricky finding talented business intelligence or Power BI experts to hire in-house. This is one of the huge reasons why outsourcing is so popular, as it enables you to strengthen your in-house team, without the time-consuming or costly hiring processes.

Looking for Power Bi consultancy services?

Look no further, we’ve been working with Microsoft products for over 10 years and sit amongst the top 1% of MSPs. Get in touch today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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