Ensuring a secure platform on which to store sensitive information and work collaboratively on is a business’ top priority. For businesses using Power BI, we’ve pulled together a non-exhaustive list of security steps to keep your data safe.

Use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

By enabling Multi-Factor Authentication, all users will be required to use more than one method to access their account and log into networks. This prevents unauthorised access even if a user’s login details have been compromised, as an attacker is unlikely to have access to the other methods of verification required.

Make use of Power BI audit logs

Audit logs record any activity that takes place within Power BI, such as when users create dashboards, view reports, or share content. This trail is helpful when troubleshooting, for security reviews, or for compliance purposes. Senior team members then review the audit logs to monitor any suspicious activity and take action before serious damage is done.

Configure sharing options

Customise the policies for exporting data and sharing reports, therefore reducing the risk of leaking sensitive data, whether by accident or otherwise. Settings can be changed to limit who can export data, what data can be exported, both inside and outside your business. We recommend turning off the ‘publish to web’ option, as that is a potentially unsafe method of sharing by accident if pressed accidentally.

Role-Level Security (RLS)

Role-Level Security allows Power BI administrators to control data access based on the role of the user. By restricting access to more sensitive information based on the user role, this results in a higher level of security on your network. RLS can also control the data that is presented to users based on their geography, department, or any other attribute.

Secure Data Gateways

A secure data gateway connects Power BI and on-prem data sources together. By keeping these data gateways updated, monitoring them, and setting permissions on user access, you can maintain security efficiently. A recovery key for data gateways must be stored in a secure location, as data is not recoverable if it is lost.

Secure your Power BI

Ensure your Power BI is running securely and efficiently. If in doubt about the security of your business critical data, get in touch with our experts for an in-depth audit of your network.

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