Its no secret that Microsoft is continually updating their tools and tech to make sure that every business and user gets the best usage. Power BI is no exception to the rule, this summer alone, we’ve seen some amazing feature updates hit Power BI. So we’ve asked our delivery team to summarise some of their favourite Power BI features from summer 2023.

New Card Visual

This new feature gives developers incredible flexibility and customisation options. Its historically been a case that the value returns blank, now Microsoft has added “Show blank as” feature, that is super handy, as users don’t need to add new rules or measures to model to hide “blank”.


Conditional formatting

Another addition this month is setting and editing conditional formattin from the on-object mini toolbars. It makes it easier to edit visualisations on the canvas and make the development process much smoother.


Desktop developer mode

This new features gives ability to save your work as Power BI Projects (PBIP), seperating datasets and reports into individual files. Allows for improved version control, seamless collaboration, and easy integration with CI/CD pipelines using Git, Azure DevOps, and Deployment pipelines.


On-object Preview

Microsoft has added a new “+” button on the pane switcher to quickly add new panes directly from Pane switcher without having to go to the View Ribbon.

This menu also gives a brief description of what panes are available and what their functions are. Even better, the panes added to the switcher are saved across reports. Which will make is much easier to achieve and efficient workflow.

Power BI service

Power BI have officially added relationship validation. Meaning it’s going to be much easier to create, edit and/or delete relationship within the model. Now, you do need to download a model and amend relationship then republish it. Saving you and your team a bunch of time.

New layout switcher

One of the new features in this version is the ability to view desktop and mobile layout view of a report within the Visual tab.

Data connectivity

New modern data connectivity and discovery experience in Dataflows – data flow Gen2 and Datamart. Today, users spend a lot of time finding the right data, the right connection info and credentials. With the new Gen Data experience, Microsoft makes it easy to browse different Fabric artifacts through the One Lake data hub. This improved experience aims to expedite this process and get you closer to the data that you’re looking for in the quickest way possible.

Onwards and Upwards

When it comes to your business toolkit, continual updates are key to success. We see so many new clients come to us with outdated and legacy tech, switching them to an innovative tool like Power BI is refreshing.

We look forward to seeing what else Power BI brings to the table by the end of 2023.

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This post originally appeared on the Influential Software blog.

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