Unwrapping On-Premise: Power BI Report Server

Power BI Report Server - Power BI + Influential UK on-premise reporting consultancy services for Power BI Report ServerIf you’re eager to jump into Power BI’s on-premises solution for reporting today, Microsoft Power BI Report Server is the on-premises solution you can use straight away. But are your teams and data ready?
Influential’s Power BI consultants can ensure you and your business will get the full benefits and features that Power BI Report Server can offer.

If you plan a move to the cloud at a later date, we can help you make the switch quickly and easily with Power BI Premium.

After 25 years of experience, Influential understands that one-size-fits-all solutions are often no solution at all. Our BI Consultancy Team is eager to offer analysis and roadmaps for your situation. Businesses regularly approach Influential to discuss the merits of cloud-based Power BI and on-premise options such as Power BI Report Server.

While Power BI does not come as a private, internal cloud, there are two further on-premise options for working with data as well: Data Management Gateway (DMG), and Power BI Mobile Apps.

Premium Power BI Services

For businesses that prefer the control of on-premise solutions, Power BI Report Server provides the tools to create mobile reports, KPIs, paginated reports, and Power BI reports.

A web portal allows you to view and manage reports and KPIs. Different access options include viewing through a mobile device, web browser, or as an email. Alternatively, businesses wanting greater flexibility can go for Power BI Premium, which includes cloud capacity and the on-premises Power BI Report Server capacity.

For greater details on how Power BI Report Server can transform your business:
Contact our dedicated Power BI Services Team.

Power BI SharePoint Compatibility

In 2017 Microsoft announced that Power BI’s report web part would now be available for SharePoint Online. This Power BI Sharepoint connection has made it even simpler for businesses to integrate Power BI into their pre-existing communication and dissemination strategies.

Unlocking the Data Gateway

A second on-premise solution is Data Management Gateway. As the name suggests, DMG acts as a gateway between on-premises data and cloud services. This allows you to keep data on-premise while benefiting from low maintenance costs, flexible billing, and rapid deployment. By linking your on-premise data with Power BI in the cloud, you can react to changing business requirements with greater speed. The Power BI gateway also allows you to connect live to an on-premise SQL Server Analysis Services server.

Full Power Mobilisation

A third option for accessing on-premise data is through Power BI mobile apps. These are available for iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and Android tablets. Businesses should note that these apps are for viewing, not for report creation. Users can connect up to five on-premise report servers to view Power BI reports on mobile devices.

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