Power BI Cloud – Rise to the Top

Power BI cloud - influential Power BI consultancy and services for Business Intelligence in the cloudYour business data is growing by the second – but is your business intelligence growing to match? Our Microsoft Power BI cloud consultancy services ensure you get the most from one of the premier BI cloud tools. So you deliver instant insights today.

With the Power BI cloud, your business will benefit from real-time streaming of data in integration with Microsoft sources from SharePoint to Excel and Azure. Influential’s 25-year record in the sector makes us a market leader for Power BI services.

Get full ROI from Power BI SaaS

The Power BI cloud is Microsoft’s Software as a Service (Saas) offering, with updates arriving every month. Pre-built dashboards mean you can get insights within the first minutes, while connections to Power BI Mobile apps let you check your data and reports on the go.

If you’re unsure whether on-premise Power BI options might suit your business requirements better, our dedicated Power BI support team is on hand to guide you.

Empowering Developers and Vendors

Alongside Power BI, Microsoft introduced Power BI Embedded as a simple way for independent software vendors and developers to harness data visualisations in their creations.

With Power BI Embedded, you can add visuals, dashboards, and reports to apps.
This makes data navigation easier for the app users, adding context to their decisions.

Also available: Power BI Embedded is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) priced on a pay-as-you-go basis.

1,001 Insights: Power BI with Azure

In fact, the insights with Microsoft BI are practically infinite. Turn data processing into reports and analytics that inform your business decisions in real time. Power BI can connect to one or more Azure data source, allowing you to mould and refine the data to build custom reports.

With the Power BI Desktop, businesses can select subsets from Azure HDInsight, Azure Blob Storage, or Azure Table Storage, as a starting point for further refinement. Another advantage of Power BI is its ability to create different reports for separate audiences while keeping the data connections or queries the same.

Working together, Power BI and Azure can expand as much as your business needs. Connections to Azure systems such as Event Hubs and Stream Analytics add even deeper analytics capabilities. All of your SaaS assets can be combined to produce BI reports that enhance competitivity.